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Paxos Island

Paxos is one of the most beautiful islands of Greece, a real jewel of the Ionian Sea. 
Paxos Island is an ideal destination for the whole family and for couples' vacation.
You will love the small and picturesque villages, the unique and crystal clear beaches with the turquoise waters and the sense of peace and relaxation all over the island.



Northeast of the island, the beautiful little village of Loggos will mesmerise you from the very first moment. You can spend a day at Kipiadi or Marmari beach, only a few minutes away from the village, where the breathtaking natural environment will steal your heart. In the early evening, you can enjoy a tasty meal, by Loggos waterfront, where you will find a few family owned restaurants and you will be able to taste delicious local culinary creations and fresh fish combined with a glass of good wine.


The capital of Paxos Island, Gaios, will welcome you upon your arrival, with the islands of Panayia and Agios Nikolaos, which create an exquisite landscape around you. You will enjoy walking the small roads of Gaios, visiting small local shops and having a cocktail  by the sea. 



In the north point of Paxos, Lakka will impress you in the view of its imposing bay. The village is surrounded by huge lush green hills and it is located in the heart of a magnificent cove, creating that way a port-shelter for innumerable sailing yachts and boats, that approach the island on an annual basis.

Antipaxos Island is a paradise on earth, just a breath away from Paxos. The combination of the serene atmosphere, the dreamy emerald waters and the sugar colour sand will offer you one of the most exceptional and unique experiences of your life. You can get there by a rental private boat or with a scheduled boat. Antipaxos is full of vineyards and it is very popular for its delicious local wine.

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According to the Greek Mythology, god Poseidon created Paxos and Antipaxos by striking with his trident the southern part of Corfu island, in order to create a small and peaceful paradise for him and his beloved, Amphitrite. At that moment he lost his trident and it was found later by the locals of the island, who made it their emblem. This is the reason why trident is the symbol of Paxos till today.

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